El desencanto | Running time 1h 37m | Directed by Jaime Chávarri | Spain | Documentary

In Spanish with English subtitles


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Saturday, June 22 ONLY
5:00 p.m.

Not rated

Director Jaime Chávarri’s legendary film The Disenchantment (El desencanto) is arguably Spain’s first work of cinéma vérité. It was intended as a Spanish Grey Gardens, but it was viewed in its native country, following Franco’s death, as a post-fascist post-mortem. A phenomenon there, but unreleased in the U.S. Until now. The documentary paints an intimate — if troubling — portrait of the surviving family of Spanish poet Leopoldo Panero, filmed more than a decade after his death in 1962. Panero was a Communist before the Spanish Civil War, yet he later wrote fascist poetry and climbed the ranks of the Franco regime. Many consider him its poet laureate. On camera, Panero’s heirs — his wife Felicidad Blanc, and his sons Juan Luis, Leopoldo María, and Michi — grapple with their family’s literary, personal, and emotional legacy, fascinating and scandalizing Spain when the film was released.

Michigan native Aaron Shulman, author of the new book about the Panero family titled The Age of Disenchantments, will introduce the film and join us for a post-screening discussion.