Nobody’s Watching
Nadie nos mira

1h42m | Directed by Julia Solomonoff | Argentina, Colombia, Brazil, USA | Drama


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Friday, Nov. 10
7:00 | 9:00 p.m.

Saturday, Nov. 11
5:00 | 7:00 | 9:00

Sunday, Nov. 12
5:00 | 7:00

Monday, Nov. 13
7:00 | 9:00

Tuesday, Nov. 14
7:00 | 9:00

Wednesday, Nov. 15
7:00 | 9:00

Thursday, Nov. 16
7:00 | 9:00

Not Rated

Dissatisfied with a complicated relationship, an actor in Buenos Aires moves to New York City for a promised role and a new start. When the project stalls he chooses menial work rather than give up on his acting dreams, a decision that puts him on the level of any other struggling undocumented immigrants, despite his whiteness and connections to the privileged. When he loses the trust of a generous friend, his life unravels, ultimately leading him to reconcile his imperfect situation back home with the harsh reality of an uncertain future in the U.S.

Official Selection – Tribeca Film Festival

Solomonoff here exhibits a scrupulous control of her material and milieu that’s all too rare in episodic, humanistic indie-movie life studies.
Alan Scherstuhl | Village Voice | Full Review

Julia Solomonoff’s film ripples with a palpable sense of the sheer distance between the down and out actor at its center and his goals.
Peter Goldberg | Slant | Full Review

Pfening delivers a masterful, low-key performance that subtly unpacks the psychology of how immigration can turn lives into lies.
Jonathan Holland | Hollywood Reporter | Full Review