Logan Noir + Q & A

2h47m (including Q & A) | Directed by James Mangold | USA | Action. drama, sci-fi


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9:15 p.m.

No refunds or exchanges.


Strong brutal violence and language throughout; brief nudity

Please note: Trailer above is in color; the film WILL be shown in black-and-white.

Logan Noir is the black-and-white cut of James Mangold’s Logan. This is a one night only screening, which will also include a recorded Q & A with Mangold and star Hugh Jackman after the film.

Playing off decades of modern cinematic mythmaking in the X-Men comics and films, Logan did what serial franchises rarely do: give us an ending. Set in a bleakly familiar near-future, the last entry in the Wolverine series follows the character to Mexico with Professor X (Sir Patrick Stewart). Logan is just trying to disappear. But when you’re a super-healing mutant with adamantium claws, trouble always seems to find you, and this time it comes in the form of a little girl named Laura (Dafne Keen).

Jackman layers in regret and strength, anger and love, sadness and hope, creating a new vision of the character that feels familiar and like a correct ending place. The actor dazzles as he explores mortality through the eyes of a mutant who thought he was immortal. He finally faces the consequences of a life of violence – consequences that, until now, have befallen everyone he loves but never himself.

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