1h 44m | Directed by Skizz Cyzyk | USA | Documentary, music


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Sat, April 21, 2018
3:00 p.m.


Rated PG-13

Nineteen ­years­ in­ the­ making, Icepick to the Moon is a feature-length documentary about Rev. Fred Lane, the pants­less, BandAid­-adorned performer who achieved a worldwide cult following, starting in the Eighties on college radio when the Shimmy Disc label made Lane’s records easier to find.

An bscureo stripmine crooner, Rev. Fred Lane, is described by his obsessed fans as “subversive,” “completely satirical,” “the Dada Duke Ellington,” and “Demon Frank Sinatra.” His fans have spent years examining every detail of Fred Lane’s albums, and yet whatever information they have found out about their hero has only led them deeper into blissful confusion. Icepick to the Moon not only examines the cult of Fred Lane fans, but also pulls the curtain back on the mysterious artist who is Fred Lane, from his early involvement with the Raudelunas arts collective in Alabama in the Seventies, to his current occupation making whirligigs to sell on the arts and crafts show circuit. You’ve never seen Lane like this!

Director Skizz Cyzyk will be in town to play with Mink Stole’s band and will be with us in person for a Q & A after the show. Who knows, you may meet some very special guests!

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