Graphic Means

1h25m | Directed by Briar Levit | USA | Documentary


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Wednesday, November 29
7:00 p.m.

Not Rated

Up until just over 30 years ago, when the desktop computer debuted, the whole design production process would have been done primarily by hand, and with the aide of analog machines. The design and print industries used a variety of ways to get type and image onto film, plates, and finally to the printed page.
Graphic Means is a journey through this transformative Mad Men-era of pre-digital design production to the advent of the desktop computer. It explores the methods, tools, and evolving social roles that gave rise to the graphic design industry as we know it today.

Appearances by:

  • Paul Brainerd: Co-founder of Aldus (producers of Pagemaker)
  • Colin Brignall + Dave Farey: Letraset typeface designers
  • Steven Heller: writer, educator, designer
  • Art Chantry: designer, educator
  • Cece Cutsforth: designer, educator
  • Tobias Frere-Jones: typeface designer
  • Ellen Lupton: designer, author, educator
  • April Greiman: designer, author
  • Ken Garland: designer, author, educator
  • Malcolm Garrett: designer, educator
  • Lucille Tenazas: designer, educator
  • Gunter Rambow: designer, educator
  • Bernard Stein: designer, educator
  • Walter Graham: author, paste-up expert
  • Dan Rhatigan: typeface designer
  • Frank Romano: design historian, author, educator
  • Adrian Shaughnessy: designer, writer, publisher
  • Carolina de Bartolo: designer, writer, educator
  • Ilene Strizver: production designer, educator
  • Gerard Huerta: lettering artist
  • James Craig: author and educator
  • Lou Brooks: illustrator, curator of The Museum of Forgotten Art Supplies
  • Gene Gable: designer, writer, consultant
  • Ian Swift: designer
  • Joe Erceg: designer