Running time 1h 40min | Directed by Samuel “Blitz” Bazawule | Ghana, USA | Drama, thriller


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Friday, April 19, 2019
7:00 | 9:00 p.m.

Saturday, April 20
7:00 | 9:00

Sunday, April 21
5:00 | 7:00

Monday, April 22
7:00 | 9:00

Tuesday, April 23
7:00 | 9:00

Wednesday, April 24
7:00 | 9:00

Thursday, April 25
7:00 | 9:00

Not rated

In The Burial of Kojo, a man is trapped in a mine shaft by his vengeful brother while his daughter embarks on a magical journey to rescue him. Through the dynamic gaze of magical realism and Afrofuturism, multi-disciplinary artist Samuel “Blitz” Bazawule chronicles this tale of the two brothers through the eyes of the gifted girl who travels the beautiful lands that exist between life and death. (c) Array Releasing

Viewers may worry that Bazawule’s starkly gorgeous pictures aren’t going to add up to anything, but Burial satisfies in prosaic as well as poetic terms, supplying an end that makes sense of its beginning.
John DeFore | Hollywood Reporter | Full review

The Burial of Kojo is a near-virtuoso work, a feast of emotion, nuance and beauty, and a startling feature directing debut.
Glenn Kenny | New York Times Critic’s Pick | Full review