Running time 1h 30min | Directed by Luke Jaden | USA | Horror


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In the Detroit-made horror feature Boo!, James and Elyse, married with two kids, are struggling to keep it together. Along with the couple’s own rifts, their daughter, Morgan, is hiding suicidal thoughts, while younger son Caleb channels his suppressed emotions through troublingly macabre artwork. One night, their true test arrives: a strange Halloween game left on their doorstep that, legend has it, leaves a curse on those who choose not to play. Unfortunately, that’s the choice this family makes—and evil spirits of all kinds are ready to make them pay.

A Voltage Pictures (Dallas Buyer’s Club, The Hurt Locker, Colossal), Automatik (Destroyer, Midnight Special, Operation Finale, Insidious, Upgrade, Sinister), Bradley Pilz Productions (The Wolf Hour), Midland Entertainment and Bardha Productions (Cash Only) release.

Official Selection — Brooklyn Horror Film Festival

Still from the short film Goodnight.

The short film Goodnight by Diane Michelle will precede Boo!. Goodnight is not rated and has a running time of 10 minutes.

A mother investigates her daughter’s belief that a malevolent presence has been visiting her at night. A deeply unsettling permutation of the ol’ “there’s-a-monster-under-my-bed” chestnut.
Official Selection — Fantastic Fest